Autumn Colours


In between the upheaval of packing and moving where we can we have been going out a walk to get some fresh air and time to clear our heads though I’ve found it also such a great source of inspiration in the colours of the leaves and low sun. 

I said at the start of the season I was putting more effort into adding colours to my own wardrobe this autumn/ winter and I have been doing the same with Annie and Bella. I am a big believer that kids have their whole lives ahead of them to dress like adults so I love to see the girls in dresses with colours and lovely supportive footwear. With both girls having a wide foot, I have bought Start Rite shoes and boots for them from they were little. Bella’s boots would be passed down to Annie each year (there is one year between them in sizes and not 2), they still look like new each time and it’s so lovely knowing that they are getting good wear for further adventures.


Last year the boots that the girls wore most of the winter was the Start Rite Black Chelsea boots and this year I just had to get Bella a new pair as her old ones are perfect on Annie however the blue Chelsea boots caught my eye. They are the most striking colour of blue and after thinking if they would match everything I decided that if you can’t have striking blue Chelsea boots at 5 and 3 then when can you? 


The Chelsea boots come in a range of colours black patent (which I got for them last year) wine with floral insert (I LOVE these ones and trying to justify a second pair) , navy, silver and grey. Start Rite have always been a favourite of ours due to not only the comfort but the durability. Bella is quite hard on her shoes so after no time some shoes and boots can look worn and tired after only a few wears but these Start Rite always keep their shape so well.


They have to be comfortable and durable as the adventures don’t stop. Little girls are made for exploring, having fun, throwing stones in rivers and collecting conkers their footwear has to match.

Anna xx 


This post is sponsored by Start Rite and as they have followed my Instagram and been tagged pictures before asked if I would like to write this review. I have always bought the girls Start Rite boots, all words, images and opinions are my own.