A round up with Very.co.uk


I am feeling Very lucky to be working with Very.co.uk over the next few months and discovering how vast their range is. I have shopped from Very many times before but so far it’s been for Branded items and some homeware.

This month I’ve added a few autumn/ winter items to both the girls and my own wardrobe and treated the girls to a toy to share for moving into the new house.

I know I’ve mentioned my aim to add more colour into my autumn wardrobe but this Rust Orange Jumper has to be a favourite item this season and the colour is just perfect and so versatile with so many things, after I shared the picture on instagram I found I wasn’t alone in the love for the colour. I love sharing items that I know others will love just as much as I do!


My jumper can be found here

Jacket can be found here


Annie’s dress can be found here and boots here

The girls are dress lovers, if they got to choose each day what they could wear it would always be a dress and the flouncier the better. I have received many odd looks for my kids looking like they are overdressed but in actual fact I’ve propbably just picked my battles that day and let them go for a walk in a forest in a party dress and wellies (been there!)

I chose these long sleeve dresses, one with a frill and one with embroidery for Bella and Annie and they went down a treat. I also love the colours for this time of year.

The biggest event of the month (perhaps year so far) has been moving house and it’s not been without some worries. Bella has been fretting before the move, mentioning on occasions that she didn’t want to leave our own home as it’s such a happy place. On one hand it’s is the most heart warming thing to hear as a parent but yet I don’t want her thinking that we will be any different as a family. We are big encouragers of talking about fears and especially through play, thankfully since we walked into the house and Bella saw that her room was a lot different from the cold, bare concrete walls that she had been walking around previously and I’m sure at just 5 years old it was hard to envisage a cosy room. On moving day though we put most of our energy into getting the girls room perfect for them for their first night, everything else could wait. On the floor waiting on them was a new Sylvanian Family and Ice Cream parlour to play with which completely made their day and give Colin and I pockets of time to get the other bits sorted. Well, as much time as it takes to get all the rabbit family stripped of their clothes and asking us to start to redress them again.

Anna xx


Bella’s Dress can be found here, Sylvanian Rabbit family here and Sylvanian ice cream cart here.

This post is part of a paid partnership that I’m delighted to be involved in with Very.co.uk. As always all images, words and views are my own.

Anna xx