So I said that as I got areas of the house mostly decorated I would do room tours of each one with all the information and details involved.

Our kitchen was a little rushed, perhaps more so than I would have liked, but a great friend of mine told me that decisions made quickly come straight from your head and gut. You don’t get time to doubt yourself so you would probably always go for your choice anyway.

I think she is right. I just love my kitchen, with a few small adaptions along the way.

We met the kitchen man twice before ordering, a local joiner so much more reasonable than large kitchen companies. We picked it in a few hours the day before we flew on holidays and also the day we agreed the sale on our own home. It was all a bit of a blur but we felt so lucky we got in before the house had the kitchen put in so It could be designed to our taste.

We had a budget for the kitchen that was in the house price (a PC sum) and we agreed (the bank account agreed) we couldn’t go over that so we (using the ‘we’ word loosely here) had to try and marry what we wanted and what we could actually afford, as my Pinterest board reflects me as a loaded.

I bought appliances, handles and taps separately.

One Friday night though I grabbed the plans to look at them as I realised that bar showing a few images that I had saved on Pinterest I hadn’t actually focused on the shape of the kitchen as my focus was solely on the colours and the worktops. When I grabbed the plans my heart sank a little (a lot). The window had a ‘fly over’ where the wood ran over the window with eye level cupboards around the whole room! How on earth did I completely miss looking at the layout of the kitchen? Well that explains how much of a whirlwind the week before holidays was.

I rang the kitchen man early on the Saturday morning, he was less than impressed. The kitchen was being fitted on the Monday morning so there was no chance I was changing it. At this point I almost had my first stress cry about the house but then I rang the builder (the most relaxed and settling person) who told me not to worry we would meet on the Monday morning and adapt to ensure I loved it, after all I was now looking for less not more.

On the Monday morning the kitchen fitter, builder and myself looked at ways to have the whole window wall left bare without the other sides looking wrong. They removed the corner units and moved the two window units to the sides to run the kitchen symmetrical. It was better than my idea of moving more and a good reason you should listen to the advice also of people who know what they are doing.

Our kitchen is an oak kitchen painted in Farrow and Ball Ammonite for the main kitchen and Down Pipe for the Island.


I sourced the knobs and cups from The Handle Studio. It took me a while to choose as we didnt have a massive budget set aside for handles and the cost of some shocked me! I found ones at £30 per handle and with what we would have needed that would have been £1,170! I managed to get all handles (with spares) for £200.

We wanted to choose flooring that would run through the sunroom, kitchen, utility and toilet and wanted to go for a tile that looked similar to concrete and quite ‘raw’. We searched for a while and bought loads of samples to try but decided on the Penthouse 50x100 tile from Topps Tiles in ‘Gris’ its the lighter colour of grey and words really well. As the kitchen is positioned to the back of the house I wanted to ensure all the colours I choose were light, bright and airy.

Colin wanted an eye level microwave/ oven but I hoped to stick with a more traditional look instead of sleek/ modern but when I saw Smeg had an eye level oven that had the look of the Victoria Range I knew it would work perfect. The appliances were a large cost of the kitchen but I had my Rangemaster for 8 years in the old house, it still worked perfect and I loved it as much the day I left as when we first bought it so I knew a range was like a great piece of furniture (though hopefully this one will get a lot more use from me). We got all of our appliances locally as we needed it delivered really quickly due to the worktops needing to be measured around it. I also think that when buying appliances of that value it’s nice to actually see them.

The worktops we choose were Quartz in ‘Stratus White’ I originally thought that we would have went for granite but when we went to the warehouse to view them all I found that I wanted more of a white finish with less detail than natural stone.

Keeping with the more traditional, country nod in the kitchen I wanted to add a Belfast sink which I’ve been warned against before due to the risk of chipping etc but I decided it was a risk I was willing to take. As we have a utility room right beside we went for a single bowl, Rangemaster sink with a Bristan Brass tap to match the handles. The handles were actually choosen around the tap, I had completely fallen for the shape, style and colour of it and found other ones I looked at didnt match up.

The lighting was bought from Wayfair, I added a 3 light pendant above the Island and a single matching light above the dining table. I found that they were similar to ones I had been lusting after on Cox and Cox and Laura Ashley but I needed to have the main cable centre so it was lined up with the island. I added brass shelves from Cox and Cox for the window wall and above my coffee machine to create a coffee/ tea station. They are really simple shelves and I had to choose ones that would allow the cupboard door still to open so these ones were the perfect length. I added jars from Tesco that to keep tea, coffee and sugar in.

The bar stools are from Cox and Cox however I am going to take them to a joiner as they are too tall for standard worktop height.

We decided to move our tumble dryer out of the utility room and just leave the washing machine and sink and create a boot room. It’s something I’ve always wanted and feel like we have managed to achieve it in a small space. There’s still some work to be finished in there but I will share as soon as I can.

Sorry for the lengthy post but I hope some bits help and I love documenting it all for myself too! (selfish 😜)

Anna xx


Sorry for the wonky snapped iPhone pics, however I am so glad I took these wee snaps to look back on. Here’s a few of the ‘after’ or perhaps ‘so far’.


Anna xx