Making it feel like home with Desenio (AD)

3 weeks ago we moved into our forever home. A new build with white wash walls. When viewing houses I would have liked something with character but the expense and impact of the refurb wasn't something I wanted to get involved with again. Been there done that.

I wanted to ensure that from the early days the house felt like home, was warm, inviting and had a sense of quirkiness and character. I believe adding to walls is the main element that can help this.


From pictures to prints I wanted my walls to tell a story and add interest to otherwise white, blank areas.

On day one of us moving in Dad asked what we wanted on the walls to help it feel like home and he got right to it.

I had already selected some prints on Desenio and used inspiration from their 'inspiration section' for the kitchen. It's such a handy feature and saves you having to scroll through the thousands of prints if you don't want to/ don't have the time. It also helps you visualise more than one together.


Kitchen poster names

'Dancing poster'

'Coffee Type Poster'

'Eggs in a Box, No 1 poster'

'Bon Appetit text poster'


I created a little coffee area and added interest and height of the 'Coffee' print in a white frame to contrast from the brass shelves.


The wall of the kitchen that leads the eye into the living room was a perfect area for a little decor. The 'This kitchen is for dancing' print couldn't be anymore perfect for our house, if we were as good at cooking in the kitchen as dancing (as there's some quality moved bust) we would be doing well.

The eggs are a nod to the future hens that we will have... I just need to get the husbands buy in because a bunch more ladies is exactly what he needs to have around.

Bon Appetite I just loved and works perfect with the other two.

With just a few prints, frames and flowers on the table the room feels warm, inviting and has a little character added.

So important when having little ones too, turning a house into a home.


Only Limit Poster

Lastly I added a print that caught my eye to my office. It's my daily reminder to not be the one that holds myself back and to set my limits high, owning my own destiny.

Anna xx

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This post is sponsored by Desenio but as always all images, words and views are my own.

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