How I have evolved as a parent


If I could go back and give myself some advise as a new mum- to- be I would say....

Anna, Don’t worry, perfectly planned routines with children sleeping through the night is the dream (a day dream) but not the norm. They will tantrum in public, it will be louder than you ever heard another kid tantrum. They will perform a poonami 10 minutes after they get their best outfit on to go somewhere nice. They will talk back. You will cry scared tears, happy tears and sometimes both in the same day. Your relationship will be tested, you will both change a little while adjusting into the new roles. The roles you both craved more than anything but the roles that test you more than you could have imagined. It might not always be his fault, though if in doubt 🤷🏻‍♀️ There’s so many phases. The phase will end and when it does another will begin. The rewards will be higher than you have ever experienced. Nothing in the world will come close to the euphoria you feel after delivering your baby, after s/he takes her first steps or finally has a poo after 8 hours constant screaming from constipation....

Your days won’t look glossy or like the lady in the magazines... not always anyway.

You don’t have to enjoy every minute, no matter how many time you hear someone telling you that. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t.

But when the blurry days are done and the haze clears, I’m telling you that you will look back and want to relive it just a little.

Want to hold and cradle that wee body, you will want to try harder.... but know deep down you done your best.

You are doing your best.

As one phase ends and another one begins with less worries of what you are feeding their tummies and more on what you are feeding their minds be gentle on yourself... they are watching, they are taking note and learning.

As the chapter of baby closes for us and the childhood chapter opens I am learning from my experience so far, not comparing to other mothers or children, not beating myself up on the easy shortcuts if needed (I’m looking at you 5 minute meals) and knowing that although every minute might not be enjoyed every minute goes twice as fast as a parent and forgetting all the pointless stuff and stopping for a cuddle, chat, breath solves a lot.

The worrying won’t stop, the love even though you feel it to be impossible will grow stronger and the euphoric moments will continue. You will never feel you know what you are really at though, just accept that one and roll with it....

Now I have to go and try to nail some Jollyphonics, whoever named them this we’re feeling very sarcastic.

Anna xx

Ohh and they probably don’t need that fancy bouncer, your arms will do just fine....

Johnson's Baby have kindly sponsored this post and asked me to share some thoughts on how I have evolved as a parent.