Story time with Tonies (Ad)


With two little girls with big imaginations and the love for stories and adventures, finding an audio system that compliments our own bedtime stories by bringing adventures throughout playtime too.

Since we had no WiFi in the new house for 6 weeks and without iPads/ tablets we wanted to continue the heavily reduced screen time (not that it was overused).

The girls would let us read books to them all day everyday if time and commitments would allow but after hearing of the Tonie Box and how it can either read audio book stories, parents can record their own stories or even let children's imagination loose and let them make up their own stories they can listen back to.


The Tonie Box comes with one Creative Tonie that has up to 90 minutes record time. So far the girls favourite story that we have recorded on to it is 'The story of Bella and Annie" all about how a mummy and daddy's wish came true and about what two little rascals were like as babies. There's an odd part of me loves the fact it's my voice reading it to them, of course they have heard it a million times over but there's something special about having it recorded.


Annie's story now made me giggle... it ended with the girl getting a sparkly hair band and some nice make up but listening to her wee voice and accent is just the sweetest.

The Tonie Box is great for many things and even when on the move. What we really love it for is stories being read in the playroom while the girls are playing instead of having the tv/ screens on as that would have happened.


For the build up to Christmas we had the story of The Snowman and the Snow dog but we are hopeful that Santa might bring Little Red Riding hood and the Stick Man.

The Tonie Box is rechargeable and portable so perfect to bring on journeys too with a socket for earphones if needed. It's super simple to use with the two ears being the volume increase and decrease, you just need to set the Tonie on top to hear the story. One thing that is needed for the set up of the Tonies box and adding stories on is Wifi.

Imagination and adventure without bright screens or scratches cds. Annie is now an author at the age of just 3, she just just needs to record her little stories.

This review is kindly sponsored by Tonies, we genuinely love the audio box and I would happily spend the money on one. All words, images and opinions are my own.

Anna xx