Our hall and adding a gallery wall (in partnership with Snapfish)

Since the beginning of January I have been really focusing on making our house feel like home. Though I do have to say from the day we moved in it's felt that way but now I am adding all the homely touches.


With the house being a new build and painted white I am conscious of how it may feel too clinical, so have been adding colour or prints to the wall where possible.

What I believe really helps a home carry the story of a family is the pictures that are displayed and that's exactly what I wanted in our hall. A little nod to the journey that's brought about the family of 4 (5 with Lily obviously 😉) that we are today.


I have managed to straighten them from this picture.

With a cable hanging down the centre of the wall, having a wall light above my gallery wall seemed perfect. I ordered my light to find that the cable was infact for a door bell.

Lots of ladies over on my Instagram shared the idea of putting the light up without wiring it and adding in a remote LED light light like here so that's what I decided to do.

I ordered my photos straight off my phone on the Snapfish app. The hardest part was choosing only 10 images as there's so many I loved.

For consistency across all images I changed them to black and white on the app. The images were ordered and delivered in 5 days with the standard delivery and are high quality. The app will tell you if the size you are ordering will reduce the print image quality.


I bought grey frames to compliment the black and white pictures and also as I have some black and grey metals in the hall. I choose these frames here.

For planning the gallery wall I laid the images out on the floor and took a picture of them to compare. I didn't want a perfectly matching gallery so went for different sized frames.


Colin used small nails and hooks to put up the frames in the order I laid out. I think with a gallery wall unless you are spending hours measuring with detailed formulas for the distances of hooks in the frames then they will always be a little off. I am putting it down to adding a touch of character. We aren't that over analysing couple and tend to do things quicker or 'on a whim'. I know people that have had the frames for ages and don't put them up incase they don't get them straight. Just fill the wall in and redo.


This post is part of a paid collaboration with Snapfish which also offers a range of gifts as well as high quality prints. For 40% off site wide use code CHEERS40OFF.

Anna xx

All details

Flooring in the colour Aleutian- here 

Velvet bench - TK Max find

Coat stand - here

Hall Table - here

Rug - here

Radiator - here

Picture Frames - Here

Wall light- here

Ceiling light- No Longer available but by Endon Lighting at Wayfair