The girls playroom is a room that I really try to strike the balance between fun and bright for kids and also an enjoyable room for Colin and I to spend time in too.

If we were to have built the house we would have ensured that a playroom/ area for toys was closer to the kitchen however it's at the other end of the house in a room that was originally designed to be a bedroom. Because of this then I wanted to ensure that we spent time in the evening in the playroom to be together with the girls, saying that though the toys still seems to travel to the living room instead especially when the fire is lit.


Like the rest of the house we haven't had it painted yet and I am considering painting it a dark grey with gold and pink decals but right now the white is bright and the colour comes from the pop of toys. Our playroom is full of plastic tat, Barbie camper van, LOL dolls and the rest. We definitely aren't a 'wooden toys only family', lovely if you can do it, I am sure they last longer, are educational and look great in a room but my girls eyes are like saucers at the plastic tat and they are only young once so I am embracing it.

I do love great storage though to store it away, the floor can be covered in 3 minutes but all cleared up again just as quick.


These baskets from Ikea store a LOT!

We designed our sofa this time last year from Drumbriston the Sofa Maker in Dungannon. We previously had the Ercol sofa from my granny's in the playroom in our old house but before it was recovered and restored it was very hard meaning it wasn't the most enjoyable. Our living room sofas were also from Drumbriston and I loved that you can pick the shape and fabric so it is bespoke, I encouraged Colin to go for 'a wee look' and he also fell in love with this shape.


The light pink velvet may seem like a crazy choice for the playroom but the material I choose is for industrial contract use, meaning bars and clubs also use it also so can be easily cleaned. I use a wet cloth and a touch of Fairy Liquid but bleach can also be used on the fabric too so I have found it so easy to keep clean and that's with chocolate hands and snacks being eaten on it too.


I let the kids help pick the colour!

Recently we added more storage at the side of the sofa (can never have enough especially in a playroom). Bar the sofa and table and chairs, we have furnished the majority of this room from Ikea as not only do I love how practical the items are but the price is great. Playrooms can be changed and adapted in short years as kids needs and interest change so Ikea furniture and how adaptable it is was the perfect solution for us. Only took 4 trips, Colin loves it really!


I saw this curtain rail idea from Sarah-Jane's blog, all details can be found here. It's a great way to display the amazing works of art that the girls produce from nursery and school.


I have listed as the furniture and items here.

Anna xx

Display unit - Ikea we fitted the TV into the bookcase part and used one end in my office.

Table and Chairs - here

Kitchen - here

Sofa - here

Bookcase and storage boxes - here and here

Ice Cream shop and market stall - here

Print - TK Max

Dolls Pram- Here

Decorative Mirrors - Here

Book crate - Ikea

Cushions - last year Next


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